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A Different Spirit

I was reading Gloria Copeland’s book again, Live Long Finish Strong. In the fourth chapter she makes another of many interesting points. The Israelites are in the wilderness, moaning and complaining. Caleb does not. Instead his positive approach nearly gets him stoned. Gloria points out that God says of Caleb, ‘but Caleb has another spirit with him’.

But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it. Numbers 14:24

As Christian women in search of wellness, health, healing, peace of mind, or simply a better life, we are to have a different Spirit.

What do we do when things get tough? Do we complain like the Isrealites? Where do we turn when we are anxious and worried? it’s not wrong to turn to our friends, but God wants to be gracious to us, he wants us to have a different spirit than the world, he wants us to have His Spirit. He rises to show us compassion If we’ll wait on Him. Isaiah 30:18

Where do we turn to for peace of mind? A good yoga practice? That’s certainly not wrong. in fact it’s great physical activity. On It’s own the spiritual benefits are limited and temporary.

In the same way positive thinking will definitely help your body heal and stay healthy. As Christians we have a much greater source than ourselves and the power of our own mind. We have God and His Word. Psalms 107:20 says He sent forth His word and healed them.

in his book, The God Prescription, Dr. Avery Jackson III, shares ”the miraculous blending of Scripture with science to heal the human body”. He points out that “Divorcing His living and life giving Word, His essence, from the act of ‘turning a negative mind-set around’ will yield less than complete and lasting results”.

it’s a challenge for us to stay in the Word, keep it in our hearts and on our lips. What kind of life do you want to live? What kind of results do you want as you face each day?

The world offers us many alternative methods for healing and wellness. perhaps it’s time we choose to have “a different spirit“. Meditation on His Word brings life. it brings peace if mind that lasts. It offers an immediate return on your time investment lifting your mood, brightening your outlook, giving you a positive attitude.

Meditation is too mutter’. Speaking out loud to God His Word, is speaking life, over your life. It’s a win, win.

My desire is to be ‘of a different Spirit and follow God wholeheartedly with my thought, and my words. Then my deeds will fall into place, and I will see my promised land. My hope is you’ll want the same for yourself as well. Then we can share a brighter tomorrow with our families, our children and grandchildren.

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The practice of speaking God’s words out loud speaks to our spirit, restoring our souls which in turn, heals our body.

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