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Do I Hate?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Dear Bible believing friends, I see and hear so much hate for our country’s leaders in comments and posts on Facebook. Its been on my heart for a long time to say/post something.

It is difficult not to have feelings of aversion, extreme dislike or disgust with some of the things we hear from our political both parties. Many posts, and comments have a sense of loathing for our president and especially more recently Nance Pelosi.

It’s easy to fall into and forget that these feelings are feelings of hate.

The Bible says if we hate our brother, God is not in us. How can we call on God to heal our land, not just now, in this pandemic, rather to heal the souls of our land and unite this country, if we as Bible believing Christians hate our leaders?

Many hate Presidents Donald Trump, and won’t call him president, many hate Nancy Pelosi, and many have hated Hilary Clinton. You can call it by another name if you like to soften it, but if we examine our hearts, it’s hate by definition Miriam Webster.

The loathing goes deeper than just for our leaders. Comments towards one another in posts are filled with name calling, one side for the other.

Do we believe the Bible? When we read that we are separated from God if we hate, do we believe that it’s true? Do we understand what that means? Do we take it seriously?

We quote scriptures of protection and yet, how can He help us when we call on Him if we have hate in our hearts? The hate has separated us from God.

The Bible also tells of Gods love for us. It’s in there, cover to cover. He waits for us. Isaiah says ‘The Lord longs to be gracious to us, He rises to show us compassion.’

When we hate we are really taking these matters that concern us into our own hands. We say what can I do to help this country, I’m only one person? We’re not even sure our prayers get answered, are we?

I write this to encourage us all, to search our hearts, listen to the words we speak, reread the comments we post before posting.

If we really want abortion to end, our leaders to act like leaders rather than spoiled children, our country to be free, then we need to love them and any who disagree with us. That doesn’t mean we are weak. Just the opposite. We are strengthened when we love. When we love God is in us. There is nothing more powerful than that, is there?

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 John 4:8

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