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Don’t Workout Without It!

All the years I’ve been teaching I’ve incorporated Pilates principles into all my classes. The practice of Centering our Powerhouse … aka core stabilization, served me very well when I was preparing for my ALIF surgery (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion).

My physical therapist recommended I up my practice of ‘navel in and up’ by like a thousand times. I’m glad I had that background and experience on my side because even with all the years of exercise and practicing Centering, after that surgery it was like starting at zero. If I had not been familiar with the practice and the amazing results I may not have been motivated enough to continue on. I believe that’s why I was able to return strong to my teaching and training.

While many exercises are similar and even called Pilates, without the practice of each of the defining principles of Pilates, they are not the same. The Concentration, Control, Precision, Flow, and Breathing, take the results to the next level.

An instructor may call an exercise Pilates, but without cuing those principles throughout the session, it’s just not going to deliver the desired result. It’s exercise, it has benefits, but it’s not Pilates, and the benefits are different and dare I say diminished.

As I move forward in my career in fitness I’m convinced and confident that Pilates will be the ‘makeover’ necessary for moving with graceful mobility and stability. I’m looking forward to the aesthetic benefits as well. When we feel good, we look good.

As we age feeling good may mean being free from joint pain, being strong and energetic, rather than weak and lethargic, and a pervasive sense of wellbeing. This allows us to be ourselves and continue creating goals, looking forward to the days ahead with motivated enthusiasm.

When we feel good we are motivated to do good. We take better care of ourselves and are free to do more for others.

At this point in time all my classes are all infused with cuing of Pilates principles, even my Lean n’ Strong and Build classes. My 20 minute abds class is primarily a Pilates focused session building our core muscles. My Gentle Flow Pilates classes prepare the body for movement. This is a class that supports all the other activities we enjoy, preparing your body for increased mobility, balance, and stability. Each of those functions then in return give us the strength, energy and endurance we need for sport, physical training and daily living activities. Use the Pilates principles in all your training. Don’t workout without it. 😀

It’s a win win. Overtime as we age most of us begin modifying and eliminating movements that cause pain. This is a set up for more pain, more modifications, and less enjoyable living. I’m dismayed to say, I have watched it happen so many times.

I’m convinced we can approach these weak links, and even rehabilitate from injury through our own workouts. I’m hopeful I can become a source of direction and motivation for others like myself in the years to come.

All that being said, there is no better way to support this earthly house we call our bodies than by feeding our spirits first. Feeding our spirit with The Word of God, not only gives us direction and guidance, it literally heals our soul! Our soul is our mind will and emotions. Feeding our spirit with God’s word, a meditation on The words of God, literally heals our mind, heals our soul, and heals our emotions.

That’s where our true pervasive sense of wellbeing comes from and that’s where our health comes from. Meditation can go with us every where and be just what we need moment to moment. Don’t workout without it…

Let’s not try to empty our minds, let’s fill our minds with the living, healing words of God.

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Joshua 1:8

This was a long one, thanks for reading to the end. Have you enjoyed Pilates? If you incorporate the principles into your workouts, how has it helped you?

Kim Hall

Fitness Trainer


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