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Fountain Of Youth

You want to stay young and healthy. A frIend asks you out and it’s exactly the time you planned to go to yoga class, what do you do? It’s raining, a great day for a good book by the fire, it’s time for yoga, what do you do? Your minor aches and pains are acting up, it’s nearly time for yoga, what do you do?

Pour into your own fountain of youth with regular and consistent fitness practice, especially KimFIT Yoga.

That new puppy needs you now, but who’s going to care for you when your muscles atrophy and your elasticity is gone and the aches and pains take over?

Pour into your fountain of youth. Walking the dog is good, but you need more. Gardening is movement and physical activity, yes, but it’s not addressing weaknesses and muscle imbalances that will one day cause pain or injury.

Pour into to your fountain of youth now. Time is passing you by.

I share this because I care❤️


Virtually KimFIT

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