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Gentle Flow Pilates


As I segued from calling my classes Yoga Fitness to Gentle Flow Pilates, the word 'Flow' was chosen for two reasons. One, as I said to keep the flow from stretch to stretch ... gently transitioning, uppermost in your minds, so you knew it was still a large part of the class.

More importantly, 'Flow' is really a benefit of Pilates. As we practice the Pilates principles we will feel our body flowing from position to position, or exercise to exercise. In addition that flow will translate into our posture, our gait, and our mobility over all.

The name is so much more than a description of the moves of the class. It is a definite benefit... ultimate benefit of infusing the Pilates into our class. To me that is very exciting.

We can not flow with painful limitations. We can not stand tall and walk with ease with imbalances in our musculature. We can not flow without symmetry. Pilates principles will bring symmetry, musclular balance deep and surface, front and back, side to side. This allows for flow, gentle mobility and stability.

The next post is the first of the Pilates Principles highlighted. Centering.

I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead.

Gentle Flow Pilates... gentle stretching infused with the foundational principles of Pilates.

Kimberly Camp- Hall

Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer

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