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Good Vibes and Fresh Air Fitness

Hello All!

Sharing fitness together is such a blessing. After being home bound for these months we all know how blessed we were to move about the planet freely. The same goes for our sharing yoga and fitness classes. We have been blessed these many years to not only get fit together, also to build friendships. So this morning was very special for us. We had a beautiful morning together sharing Farm Fresh Yoga and Fresh Air Strong.

The weather treated us to one of the very best late Spring days ever. The view was fantastic and our surroundings peaceful.

I enjoy this setting often, but it’s never more special than when I share it with you all. My heart was overflowing with good vibes today as we visited and shared yoga and then strength classes.

I know this season has been difficult for all of us. I know being together and knowing we are safe at the same time was a good feeling. I hope you’re finding ways to keep your spirits up and stay fit. If you enjoy being out doors come join friends or come make some new friends. You will be so happy you did. Happy is healthy. 😊🤗 Hugs everyone...

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