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Hello Wellness

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Demystifying Wellness

A Welcomed Lesson

Years ago I learned a wonderfully happy lesson. Shopping at a local small grocery store just minutes from my home, I was making my way to my car, when I noticed a car full of young girls waving enthusiastically at me. At first I thought it was just a group of kids playing jokes with passers by. Then I realized these girls really were waving at me. Why? Do I know them? I don't think I know them. Then it dawns on me. These girls are my neighbors. The house across the road that sits up on the hill and has a better view of us than we do of them. Their younger brother plays with my boys sometimes. Well the more they waved, the better I felt. Then as I let go and waved trying muster as much enthusiasm as they were giving, I really began to smile and feel a rush of calm and energy all at once wash over me. Every time I saw them they greeted me in the same way. What a blessing to be given such a heartfelt, enthusiastic hello.

Improved Well-being

I learned from first hand experience that day that saying hello can literally can improve our well being. Now these girls knew me simply as the 'neighbor lady'. They didn't have to be that friendly, did they? No. But I 'm glad they did. It encouraged me to come out of myself. I was never really the outgoing type. Even today I tend to spend lots of time in my own mind whether I'm driving, walking as I run errands, you get it. It's been a practice for me to look up, smile and say hello to passers by. I say practice, because for me it does not come naturally as it did my neighbors. I wish it did. So I practice coming outside of myself and being in the moment.

Why? Because of the energy and the wellness it brings

Yes, wellness. I teach Tai Chi. Pushing The Wave is a Tai Chi movement that is 'pushing away bad energy'. Collecting energy is an opposite movement. Today I was reminded that each time I lift my head, look forward, smile and greet passersby, I am 'Pushing The Wave' of my own bad energy away. At the same time, whether they smile and greet me in return is of no consequence to me, I am still collecting good energy as I give. When we give, we do not need to expect in return to receive. Usually we do get a nice smile and a greeting in return anyway.

Being In The Moment

When we walk, lost in our thoughts we are not 'being in the moment'. So many today are looking to wellness practices for stress relief, health and wellness, whether it's yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation, it's being sought after to bring health to ourselves. Here is a way we can truly 'be in the moment'. This is real. This is daily living. I don't have to wait for yoga class to 'be in the moment'. I don't have to wait to meditate or chant to quiet my mind and to ease my own tension. Now, I'm not only helping myself, I am helping others, those who wish to receive.

Truest Form of Being In The Moment

To me this is the truest form of being in the moment. This is the most authentic, least contrived form of 'being in the moment', bringing wellness to myself and a hint of happy to others. This truly is the path of least resistance, bringing health, wellness, and healing, to my own and others, Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Remind Me

So the next time you see me out and about, and I'm walking with my head down, lost in my own thoughts, smile, say hello, or shout 'be in the moment!'. I'm sure we'll both get a good laugh out of that!

Kimberly Camp-Hall

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