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Is Gentle Flow Pilates Too Easy?

Release tight muscles, bring muscular balance back to your body to prepare it for the day. Regardless of whether your days include sitting, standing, walking, or playing sports. the activity of life sets us up for tight muscles and increased risk of injury.

Gentle Flow Pilates sets us up for increased energy, ease of mobility, and pain free movement, when we take the time each week to make it happen.

Gentle Flow Pilates creates a new movement pattern and allows the muscles to fire efficiently once again . In addition to muscular balance front to back and side to side, this movement happens because we are practicing proper alignment, and training our deep core muscles throughout our center. Gentle Flow Pilates brings us back in control of our body, when practiced regularly.

And gives you new good habits you can take with you and practice daily.

Is Gentle Flow Pilates easier than other classes? Because we approach the session with a purposeful sequence of stretches and movements that prepare us for pain free, strong mobility, yes it feels easier. When we are not limited by tight, weak joints and muscles our bodies respond with strength and ease. Of course movement is easier if your muscles are prepared to fire readily and your joints have been open and stabilized. That's why Gentle Flow Pilates is foundational to our daily life..

Gentle Flow Pilates is not about training or forcing our muscles into positions that look amazing on the instructor or the magazine cover. It is about creating youthful posture and movement. Whether you are 34, 54, 64, or 80, you can practice Gentle Flow Pilates, and create a body that stands taller, with strength and stability that prevents injury and affords ease of mobility for participation in more of the activities you love.

t's a practice, not a magic pill. Your first session will have you feeling better in the same way a massage or chiropractic session will. Overtime that feeling becomes a way of life, and remains as you continue to practice.

Come join us each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

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