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Love Is God Month

Love is God. If 1st John 4 states that God is love. Then doesn’t it make sense to read 1st Corinthians 13, replacing God for the word Love. It’s not only very illuminating, it’s very freeing.

That’s why in this first 14 days of February I’m encouraging everyone to meditate on 1st Corinthians 13 in this way. Think of it as it relates to your life and how you feel about yourself. Then, realizing that God has a much higher opinion of you, than you do, and he is patient with you and kind, and most especially He keeps no record of wrongs... then rest in those thoughts.

Ask yourself, if the God of the universe is not keeping record of your wrongs, why are you? Maybe instead of trying to love and please God, we could allow Him to love us with the 1st Corinthians 13 kind of love.

How you ask? Take time to meditate on this scripture. Mutter it over and over for this month of Love. Then allow it to sink in. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your mind and teach you. Allow your feelings to be swept up in the divine love of your creator. Then you will know True Love.

Then loving God will become a natural response rather than forced as if trying.

Here is the first installment of this months “Love meditation” reminders. Feel free to read ahead in Chapter 13 of 1st Corinthians, meditate on it, and share how these meditations have changed you.

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