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Positive Investment with Certain Returns

Gods word never returns empty (void). It always...always accomplishes what He pleases.

That means when we speak Gods word it has life giving force and will only return to us good, because God is Goodness. It is an investment into our day, our future. and ultimately the lives of those we love. It is an investment with certain returns. And those returns are always good.

Speak God's Word, the scripture, out loud, softly, deliberately, and often, today. Trade up. Trade in your words, your comments, your thoughts for scripture. Speaking it adds value, say it out loud.

Trade up and speak the scripture, as a daily practice. Then throughout the day when others speak negatively, when the daily news instrudes stealing your peace, speak the scripture back to it, out loud. That is not crazy. That is a smart investment of thoughts and words.

Our investment of words in so called reality are multiplied if we feed them, only if we feed them with more negative words from the fallen world.

If we, like Jesus did in the desert, speak scriptures back to the suggestions the world offers, we will increase our positive investment and the return will show up in our lives.

Every day, each morning, take your scripture meds (medicine) feeding your spirit, this will heal your soul. Your soul is your mind, your will, and your emotions. When your soul is healed, your body will follow.

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The practice of speaking God’s words out loud speaks to our spirit, restoring our souls which in turn, heals our body.

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