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What's Got You Down?

I know these are tough times. The future can seem hopeless. Is that's what's bothering you? It is it something deeper that's only exacerbated by the current events?

Often when we're down, it's not the surface stuff. It's not what we are doing. It's what we're not doing.

Is there something you want to do? I mean, maybe a different job, or change if career.? Maybe a creative endeavor or idea that you've put off till a better less busy time? Or something others may think silly but you just can't let it go? It's been pushed so far down inside you, you almost forgot about it?

Or maybe you find yourself putting off a task that will get you to your happy place faster? Sometimes it's a personal goal put off that keeps us discontent.

You see, rather than assuming "I must be depressed", ask yourself a few questions. The answers may be a surprise. It may be something as simple as taking a step forward, a step towards hope, and dreaming again, that will open your heart, lighten your step, and bring your excitement for life back again.

Look under that pile of bills, search under all the adulting piles you've created and find the dreams you once had. Then remember it's not too late! It's time to dream, take action, and create.

You still want too. You still can. You're still that girl that wanted to do big things. She's still alive and she's waiting for you to take action. Say out loud with me "I still want it, I still can do it, and I'm going to begin now! I'm still that girl!"

I'll bet you wanna smile and be happy now. Keep it simple sweetie and just do one thing. It's not about perfection it's about action.

Stop scrolling and start day dreaming. It's good to allow your imagination freedom to grow. Rest in the day dreaming. This will bring creative thought back to you. You're mind will be free again and hope will come alive. Start small and let the excitement lead the way. Begin with one project then another in smaller pieces rather than overwhelming tasks. Look forward to the next project and the next and the next.

It's a new day and you've got so much to give. Smile! You're on your way! “For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn.” –Romans 11:29

Confession: Thank You, God, that You have gifted me and called me to [insert purpose/dreams]. I already have everything I need to accomplish it. I praise You because You never take away the purpose of my life nor the gifts to fulfill it.

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The practice of speaking God’s words out loud speaks to our spirit, restoring our souls which in turn, heals our body.

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