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What's New?

Not much. Well maybe a little.... Just a little name change, same great class.

My WBO Yoga class, will now be known as Gentle Flow Pilates.

Just a few tweaks, like more focus on our core... aka, powerhouse. Re-introducing movements and techniques that I once used more regularly in my classes way back when.

The name will change to Gentle Flow Pilates.. This will not be Classic Pilates. This infusion of Pilates into the continuous flow of flexibility and strength you are familiar with will feel even better reaping more great benefits for you.

Contemporary Pilates allows for us to infuse the Pilates principles into the session and take advantage of the many benefits Pilates has to offer us. Classic on the other hand adheres to the original Joseph H. Pilates mat class.

I've been teaching yoga for soooo many years... Way back when I began, one training certification course I took was called Mat Science. This was a very first yoga - Pilates class. At that time the Pilates name was not free to be used because of an on-going law suit. A couple was trying to make Pilates their own entity. It didn't go because Joseph H. Pilates, is the founder of Pilates, which he originally called Contrology.

The name Contrology, is descriptive, because the consistent practice of Pilates puts one in control of his/her own body. There are many benefits we can take advantage of, and already do somewhat in my classes. I know you noticed that my yoga classes are not exactly 'traditional' yoga if you will.

I don't follow the sequencing in yoga and I add the centering from Pilates in all my classes, not just yoga. You've heard me more than once say 'navel in and up'. That's a Pilates Centering. I've always loved infusing the Pilates into my classes because it offers so much to the participant, So why didn't I just call it Yogilates? You know I had to think about that one for a while. One reason, as I said at the time, the Pilates name was not able to be used that way. However, I even have the original Yogilates book by Jonathan Urla, on my book shelf, I purchased all those years ago and I still refer to it often. There's probably more than one reason and 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', I had large classes for this area, 12 -22 regularly. I was helping many people . It was good for the time.

The only time it was an issue was on the odd occasion a 'yogi, or wanna be yogi' would point out to me saying "that's not real yoga" ... My answer then, and now, is, yes, that's correct, I am Personal Trainer first, and my yoga is taught out of my desire to share overall fitness.

So now, after all these years, rather than continue confusing the issue for those yogis, ha ha, 🤣 I want to do more than lean into Pilates, I want to focus more in one direction. I could have done that really without changing the name, but that will continue to be limiting because in my mind, I'd still feel pulled in 2 directions.

That being said, let me reiterate, we will not be doing Classic Pilates, which is the original, as Joseph Pilates taught his Contrology, and is not at all like a yoga class. Classic Pilates would seem more like a regular exercise class. We will be doing as most instructors, and presenters do in our modern fitness industry, Contemporary Pilates, which is often infusing Pilates into other class formats or even creating a class for particular purpose of which the instructor desires, for example; Pre-natal or Post-natal Pilates.

So Our Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Classes will still feel the same?

Yes, the change will not really be different than what you've grown used to. To reassure you even more... your regular Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, yoga class, will change in name, and only slightly in format...just enough to offer you benefits you will welcome. You will still enjoy the class and not feel overwhelmed by massive change. If I had not told you, you probably wouldn't even have thought much about it. You will see the name change on the WBO class list and I want you well informed.

As we move through the weeks ahead, I will be sharing short hand outs or emails, that will

give you more information, the why and the how of the principles I'll be cueing, as well as, a little more of the 'why' behind my desire to change.

Change is good, it offers many opportunities. Moving forward I can see significant benefits for you as the participants and opportunities for myself to share with others.

Thanks for reading and see you in class!


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